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The Jester is a minor character from the animated film Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths. He is a heroic counterpart of The Joker from a parallel universe, working alongside his world's version of Lex Luthor to save their Earth from the tyranny of the Crime Syndicate. He is voiced by James Patrick Stuart, though the character is uncredited.


The Jester is the first character to die in the film. He joins Lex Luthor in breaking into a Syndicate research facility in order to steal the Quantum Trigger, a device that allows transport between parallel dimensions and can even be used as a weapon to destroy all reality. As he and Luthor make their getaway, they are pursued by J'edd J'arkus and Hawkgirl and Jester sacrifices himself so that Luthor can escape with the Trigger. He holds them at bay as Luthor flees, ending up impaled on Hawkgirl's sword. To make sure that they don't catch up to Luthor, Jester pulls a small bomb out of his pocket and sets it off, killing himself and the villains as well as destroying most of the facility.

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