This article contains details regarding all the various background character deaths that occur in The Matrix.
  • In the film's first scene, a group of police officers attempt to arrest Trinity. Trinity breaks the arm and neck of the lead cop, shoots another while holding one as a shield, then kicks that one in the head.
  • At least three SWAT troops are killed in a shoot-out as Neo, Trinity, Apoc and Switch make their getaway following Neo's meeting with the Oracle.
  • When Neo and Trinity try to rescue Morpheus from the Agents, a firefight erupts in the lobby of the building where Morpheus is being held. Neo and Trinity kill the four guards at the entrance and twelve SWATs inside the lobby.
  • Neo and Trinity kill six SWATs up on the roof.
  • An Agent confronts Neo and Trinity on the roof. For a moment, the Agent has Neo pinned, but before he can execute him, Trinity steps up to the Agent and shoots him in the head at point blank range.
  • After manning a helicopter, Neo uses the chopper's minigun to fire on the Agents holding Morpheus prisoner.
  • Agent Smith possesses a hobo down in the subway and fights against Neo. He almost defeats him by knocking him on to the tracks as a train approaches, but Neo manages to break his grasp and leap off the tracks. Smith isn't so lucky and gets run over by the train, not that it matters as he just hijacks another body on the train when it stops.
  • Six Sentinels attack the Nebuchadnezzar and tear their way into the ship. Neo manages to emerge from the Matrix just in the nick of time so that Morpheus can activate the ship's EMP blast, deactivating the Sentinels.
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