Sirah 2369
In Star Trek lore, Sirah is a Bajoran word for storyteller. The Sirah of a small village (portrayed by Kay E. Kuter), seeing that the people of the village fought constantly, used a fragment of an Orb of the Prophets to channel the people's feelings into the Dal'Rok, a gaseous monster that terrorised the village. Each year, the Dal'Rok would appear for five nights and threaten to destroy the village unless the people united. Whenever it appeared, the people believed the Sirah accomplished this by "telling the story" of how the village was stronger than the Dal'Rok, thus giving the impression that he controlled it when in fact the people themselves did so.

In the DS9 episode "The Storyteller" (the year 2369), the Sirah succumbed to old age just as Chief O'Brien and Dr. Bashir arrived from Deep Space 9. The Sirah's dying words were to appoint O'Brien as the new Sirah so that he might protect the village from the Dal'Rok.

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