This article is a list of all background - or otherwise unnamed - characters who die throughout the course of The Terminator.

  • The first casualty of the film is a street punk that the Terminator demands to give up his clothes. After trying to stab the cyborg with a switchblade, the Terminator impales the punk's torso with its fist.
  • When the Terminator acquires its weapons from a gun shop, it loads its shotgun with shells from the counter. As the shopkeeper protests, the T-800 shoots him.
  • The T-800 begins hunting for Sarah Connor by looking up her name in the phonebook, finding several entries. One woman by the name of Sarah Ann Connor is gunned down in her home. Another 'Sarah Connor' is killed off-screen.
  • During Kyle Reese's first flashback of the Future War, Kyle and a comrade destroy an H-K Tank using explosive charges. The robot spots the other soldier just as she throws her charge and blasts her to pieces with its plasma cannon shortly before meeting its own destruction.
  • Several patrons of the Tech Noir club are gunned down by the Terminator as it tries to shoot Kyle and Sarah when they flee the premises.
  • Seventeen police officers - including Ed Traxler - are murdered when the Terminator attacks West Highland Police Station.
  • Sarah Connor's mother - who is never seen on-screen - is killed by the Terminator as it tries to relocate Sarah. It waits at her cabin in Big Bear, California for Sarah to try and contact her mother. Sarah phones and the T-800 mimicks her mother's voice, discovering that Sarah and Kyle are hiding at the Tiki Motel.
  • The driver of an oil tanker is killed when the Terminator bashes his head in against the side of the truck.
  • In Kyle's second flashback, several people are killed when a T-800 infiltrates a Resistance base. The cyborg shoots several soldiers and civilians with its plasma cannon and even kills a German Sheperd sniffer dog.
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