Tim Marcoh

Dr. Tim Marcoh is a supporting character in Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Also known by the title "Crystal Alchemist", Marcoh was once tasked with developing a Philosopher's Stone by his superiors in the Amestrian Military. Due to the insurmountable destruction and death caused by the fruits of his work, Marcoh deserted the military after the Ishvalan War and became a physician in a small village on the outskirts of East City. Marcoh comes to play a significant role in resolving the events of Brotherhood, though he dies in the 16th episode of the 2003 series, just two episodes after he first appears.

Japanese Voice: Kouji Totani

English Voice: Brice Armstrong


In the episode "Destruction's Right Hand", Edward and Alphonse Elric discover the whereabouts of Dr. Marcoh and pay him a visit. Their meeting is a tense one as Marcoh fears that Edward has come to drag him back to Central so that he can continue his previous work on the Philosopher's Stone. His fears are seemingly justified as the Elrics were followed by Brigadier-General Basque Grand who intended to bring the doctor back and confronted Edward when he attempted to protect Marcoh. Before Grand could take the doctor anywhere, he was attacked and killed by the murderous Ishvalan Scar.

In the following episode "The Ishval Massacre", Dr. Marcoh flees for his life as Scar comes after him. Edward and Alphonse try to protect the doctor but end up being severely wounded. Marcoh manages to protect the boys using a Red Stone which Scar's arm mysteriously reacts to. The Stone is absorbed by Scar's arm and he briefly loses his alchemical abilities and is forced to retreat. Afterwards, military forces arrive and Dr. Marcoh is taken into protective custody.


In the sixteenth episode "That Which Is Lost", Dr. Marcoh is visited by the homunculi Lust and Gluttony. Lust demands that Marcoh hand over his research material so that the Elrics cannot get their hands on it and threaten her plans, but Marcoh uses his alchemy to create a spike that stretches out of the floor and impales Lust. Lust survives the impalement and retaliates by using her finger-spears to pierce Marcoh's shoulder, causing him to bleed profusely. Marcoh is still barely alive at the end of this scene but his death is all but confirmed as he is never seen again. He most likely bled to death and then Gluttony ate his corpse.