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Tim Watters (portrayed by Paul Popowich) was a guest character that appeared in the Star Trek: DS9 episode "Valiant". He was the head of Red Squad, an elite unit of Starfleet Academy cadets entitled to special training, equipment and comforts not afforded to standard cadets. When the Dominion War broke out, Watters and the rest of Red Squad were on a special training exercise aboard the USS Valiant under one Captain Ramirez. Caught behind enemy lines, the Valiant suffered heavy losses. Eventually, the Red Squad cadets were all that were left, leaving Watters to take up the position of Captain.

Eight months following his field promotion, Watters and his crew rescued Jake Sisko and Nog when their runabout was attacked by a Jem'Hadar vessel. Recognising Nog's engineering experise, Watters promoted the Ferengi ensign to Chief Engineer aboard the Valiant and enlisted his help in carrying out the crew's original mission: eliminating a new type of Jem'Hadar battleship.

For all his bravery and confidence in his crew, Watters proved to be a less than competent captain. He was convinced that he and is squad could achieve anything and the captain himself repeatedly took stimulants, presumably to counter the tremendous pressure of his job. In the end, when the Valiant engaged the Dominion battleship, his plan to exploit a supposed weakness in the ship's design failed spectacularly. Watters was killed along with almost all of his crew, the only survivors of the fiasco being Cadet Dorian Collins, Nog and Jake Sisko who fled in an escape pod before the Valiant was destroyed.

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