Timicin (portrayed by David Ogden Stiers) is a Kaelon scientist who appears in the fourth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation in the episode "Half a Life". During the episode, Timicin, with the Enterprise crew's help, attempts a procedure that would re-ignite his planet's star. Unfortunately the procedure fails and Timicin is unable to continue his work since he is reaching his Age of Resolution. Among the Kaelons, the Resolution is a long-standing cultural practice where those who reach the age of 60 commit ritual suicide.

During his time on the Enterprise, Timicin befriends Betazoid ambassador Lwaxana Troi and he informs her of the Resolution. Lwaxana is outraged that the Kaelons pursue what she believes to be a "barbaric" custom and tries to persuade Timicin not to go through with it. Timicin considers the idea at first, but both his family and the Kaelon government are apalled and are even willing to attack the Enterprise if he does not return home. Timicin reconsiders his decision and realises that he could seriously damage his entire society by not conforming to the Resolution, and so decides to return home. Before leaving the Enterprise, Timicin admits his love for Lwaxana. As one of Timicin's loved ones, Lwaxana accompanies Timicin home to be present at his Resolution.

The details of the ritual suicide are not shown or explained, so it is unknown how exactly Timicin ends his life.

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