This article contains details of all background character deaths in Transformers: The Movie.

  • The entire planet Lithone - with the exception of Kranix - is devoured by Unicron.
  • Numerous Autobots are killed in the Battle of Autobot City. Not all deaths are witnessed on-screen and some characters well known from the series are only revealed dead in episodes set after the movie.
  • After the Decepticons retreat from Earth, Astrotrain requests that his passengers dump their excess weight or he won't make it to Cybertron. All the critically injured Decepticons are thrown off-ship and out into space, though they do not die rather than they are rebuilt by Unicron to be Galvatron's new forces.
  • Hot Rod kills several robotic fish with a circular saw after he and Kup crash on Quintessa.
  • A prisoner of the Quintessons - possibly another Lithonian besides Kranix - is fed to the Sharkticons after being found innocent in the Quintessons' twisted trials.
  • When Hot Rod and Kup are fed to the Sharkticons, they fight back and kill several of them. Kup rips the tail off of one and uses the tail as a flail to hammer several other Sharkticons to death. Several more are blasted and another Sharkticon is torn apart when one of its chums tries to rake at Hot Rod, who jumps out of the way.
  • The Dinobots burst into the Sharkticon Pit to save Hot Rod and Kup, crushing a number of Sharkticons underfoot.
  • Countless Cybertronians perish in the battle against Unicron.
  • Two unnamed Decepticons trapped within Unicron's body are dropped into a vat of acid and are dissolved.
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