Tumak (portrayed by Andrew Koenig) was a member of the Skreean race in the Star Trek: DS9 episode "Sanctuary". His people had been made refugees after the race that had enslaved them - the T-Rogorans - had themselves been conquered by the Dominion (an interstellar empire that the Federation would later encounter themselves). The misplaced Skreeans travelled across the Gamma Quadrant until they discovered the Bajoran Wormhole (which they called the Eye of the Universe), which brought them to Deep Space 9. DS9's crew accepted some of the Skreeans as guests - Tumak included - whilst they worked to find a new planet where the Skreeans could re-settle.

Tumak was a belligerent and ill-tempered young man. He attacked Nog after the young Ferengi sprayed a foul-smelling liquid on him as a joke. After the Bajoran Provisional Government denied the Skrreeans' request to establish a settlement on Bajor, Tumak commandeered a small Skrreean ship and attempted to land on Bajor. When he was intercepted by Bajoran patrol craft, Tumak fired on them and fled. The Bajoran craft returned fire before being ordered to stand down by General Hazar. Unfortunately, a shot from one of the Bajorans, while not hitting Tumak's ship directly, ignited a radiation leak and destroyed it, killing Tumak.

Tumak 's death was only witnessed as a blip on a sensor screen, the blip indicating his ship disappearing when the ship was destroyed.

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