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In various Transformers continuities, Unicron can be regarded as the Cybertronian equivelant of the Devil. He is a god-like entity who takes shape on the physical plane as an impossibly gigantic robot that transforms into a planet. In his mobile planet-form, Unicron sails across the stars consuming everything in his path. Entire planets and their inhabitants, even stars have been devoured by this monster planet's terrifying maw. The only power in the universe that can oppose Unicron is the Matrix: a holy implement that contains a fragment of the essence of Primus: Unicron's celestial brother and the creator-god of the Transformers.

Transformers: The Movie

In the 1986 animated Transformers film, Unicron (voiced by the late Orson Welles) is the main antagonist and devours everything before him as he makes his way toward Cybertron, homeworld of the Transformers. Unicron is aware that the Autobots' Matrix of leadership is a threat to him, and so he summons Megatron - leader of the Decepticons - to him, commanding him to find the Matrix and destroy it. The chaos-bringer rebuilds Megatron into a new robot known as 'Galvatron' and rebuilds the other Decepticons who had fallen against the Autobots. Providing them with a new ship, Unicron dispatches the Decepticons to hunt down and kill Ultra Magnus, the new leader of the Autobots. Eventually, Galvatron accomplishes this task, but rather than destroy the Matrix, he takes it for himself and intends to use it to bring Unicron under his control. This plan is flawed as Galvatron cannot open the Matrix, and his betrayal spurs Unicron to transform into his demonic robot form and rip Cybertron apart with his bare hands. Both the Autobots and Decepticons unite to fight against the monster, and Galvatron is swallowed by Unicron and fights against the Autobot Hot Rod within his master's gullet. Galvatron, wearing the Matrix on a chain around his neck, is about to kill Hot Rod when the Matrix reacts. Hot Rod takes the Matrix from Galvatron and sends the Decepticon smashing through Unicron's interior and out into the darkness of space. He then opens the Matrix and unleashes the incredible power within, which begins to tear Unicron apart. In his agony, Unicron writhes and thrashes, he even tears off parts of his body as he is wracked by pain. The Autobots within Unicron's body all manage to escape before the chaos-bringer explodes in a shower of debris and dazzling light. Although Unicron's body is destroyed, his head remains largely intact and orbits Cybertron like an obscene moon. The monster's consciousness remains dormant within the head, and as the Transformers cartoon series continues Unicron is occasionally spurred awake by those who disturb his head.