Vedek Fala was a Bajoran religious teacher during the Occupation of Bajor. A young Kira Nerys was one of his students. He appeared in the Deep Space Nine episode "Covenant" and was portrayed by Norman Parker.

During the closing days of the Occupation, Fala lost faith in the Prophets and became a follower of the Pah-wraiths and joined the cult that worshiped them.

In 2375, he traveled to Deep Space 9 and met with Kira Nerys. He kidnapped her and transported her to Empok Nor, where the cult resided, under the leadership of Dukat. Fala attempted to convince Kira that the Prophets had abandoned their people. He wanted Kira to join the cult, assuring her that Dukat was a changed man, but Kira would not hear of it.

Fearing that his leadership would soon be put into question and the members would revolt against him, Dukat planned a mass suicide of the cult, but was not going to commit suicide himself. When Kira exposed his plan, Fala became disillusioned and carried out his own suicide by swallowing a promazine pill that killed him swiftly.

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