Vedek Yassim was a Bajoran preacher who appeared in the Deep Space Nine episode "Rocks and Shoals". She was portrayed by Lilyan Chauvin.

During the Dominion's occupation of Deep Space 9 (which the Cardassians had re-christened Terok Nor), Yassim had planned a demonstration against their rule, claiming that they were evil and that they had to be opposed. Major Kira tried to talk Yassim out of it, arguing that it would disrupt the peace on the station. She also stated that the situation was not like the Cardassian's previous occupation of Bajor, that Bajorans hadn't been enslaved as they had once been. Yassim disagreed and accused Kira of being an apologist for the Dominion.

The next day, Yassim went ahead with her demonstration. Standing on the promenade's upper level with a rope tied around her neck, she cried out that evil must be opposed before stepping off the walkway and hanging herself.

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