Offical Capcom artwork of Vega

Vega is a well-known character from the video game series Street Fighter. He is a champion matador and cage fighter from Spain who is recognised primarily by the metallic mask and claw he wears in battle. He is a notorious narcissist who values beauty above anything else and wears a mask to keep his opponents from tarnishing his face. His steel claw gives him a deadly edge in combat and he relishes the opportunity to rip the skin off his foes. The savage Vega works for Shadaloo as one of M. Bison's top lieutenants and assassins.

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

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In the Street Fighter II anime film, Vega is voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa in the original Japanese and Richard Cansino in the English dub. During the film, Bison orders Vega to assassinate Chun-Li, who is investigating Shadaloo's activities. The masked killer attacks Chun-Li in her New York apartment after she has just gotten out of the shower, catching her off-guard. Chun-Li is badly wounded by Vega's claw and for a moment Vega takes off his mask to gloat (and to lick Chun-Li's blood off his gauntlet). Chun-Li uses this moment to counter-attack and she knocks Vega to the floor, then proceeds to step on his face and twist on the spot. Enraged by his face's ruination, Vega lashes out in a bestial rage. Chun-Li is able to use Vega's rage to her advantage and ends the fight by using her Hyakuretsukyaku (Lightning Kick) to smash Vega through the wall and out of her apartment building, sending him falling several storeys to his apparent demise.
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