Vreenak was a Romulan senator who appeared in the Star Trek: DS9 episode "In The Pale Moonlight". He was portrayed by Stephen McHattie.

Senator Vreenak was discretely contacted by Captain Sisko of Deep Space 9 who attempted to inform him of a Dominion plot to invade Romulus. Vreenak, of course, did not take the claim at face value, but Sisko and Elim Garak had hired the con artist Grathon Tolar to produce a convincing forgery of a holo-recording of a secret meeting between Dominion leaders discussing the imminent invasion of Romulus. After seeing the recording, Vreenak was allowed to examine the data rod that contained it and, to Sisko's disappointment, discovered that the recording was fake.

Sisko feared that Vreenak's discovery of his deception would lead to the Romulan Empire openly allying themselves with the Dominion in battle against the Federation. However, Vreenak never returned to Romulus as Garak had planted a bomb on the senator's shuttle which detonated before reaching home. The Romulans would examine the shuttle's wreckage and find the data rod, believing its contents to be genuine as any inconsistencies in its content would be seen as a result of the shuttle's explosion. So at the cost of Vreenak's and Tolar's lives and Captain Sisko's self-respect, the Romulan Star Empire joined the Federation Alliance against the Dominion.

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