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Whitney Fordman was a supporting character throughout the first season of Smallville. He was a student at Smallville High School and the boyfriend of Lana Lang, Clark Kent's first love interest. He was portrayed by Eric Johnson.


Whitney Fordman was a senior student at Smallville High School and was popular among his peers. He was a passionate football player and dated the equally popular cheerleader Lana Lang. Clark Kent was often envious of Whitney as he appeared to be living the ideal high school life, but as time went on it became clear that Whitney's life wasn't as perfect as it seemed. Whitney's father was suffering from a debilitating heart condition and his declining health led to Whitney spending more time managing his father's hardware store rather than pursuing his own dreams.

After his father passed away, Whitney found a box of medals that his father had been awarded for his service in Vietnam. This would inspire Whitney to join the U.S. Marine Corps after he finished high school. Though he started out as a stereotypical jock, Whitney had grown into his own man by the time he left Smallville to begin his military training. While he and Clark had been rivals for Lana's affections, they parted on good terms and Whitney even asked Clark to take care of Lana after he left town.


In the Season 2 episode "Visage", Whitney appeared to have returned to Smallville after surviving a conflict in Indonesia. However, this wasn't the case at all: Whitney's identity had been assumed by the shapeshifting Tina Greer so that she could be with Lana. Clark exposed Tina and she died whilst trying to kill Clark. As for Whitney, he had died back in Indonesia whilst trying to save an injured squadmate. Whitney's friends would be greatly affected by his loss, but none moreso than Clark. Whitney's decision to join the military and fight for his country, despite having no superhuman abilities, would be one of many things that inspired Clark on his journey to becoming Superman.

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