Yurimaru is the right-hand man of Himuro Gemma in the animated film Ninja Scroll. Though calm and seemingly mild-mannered, he is just as sadistic as any of the other Devils of Kimon. He is infatuated with Gemma.

Japanese voice: Toshihiko Seki

English voice: Richard Cansino


Yurimaru is capable of generating electricity within his body. In tandem with this power, he uses fine steel wires to ensnare victims and conduct his electricity through the wires to kill them. Throughout the film, he monitors the activities of Jubei and the others, reporting to Gemma as each of the Kimon are felled by this mercenary ninja.


Near the end of the film, Yurimaru is permitted by Gemma to kill Jubei. He follows Jubei into a building and almost succeeds in killing him, but the scornful Zakuro, whose advances toward Yurimaru were rejected, kills him by blowing him up with a rat filled with gunpowder.

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