Yuta (portrayed by Lisa Wilcox) is a character who appears in the Star Trek: TNG episode, The Vengeance Factor. An Acamarian servant, Yuta accompanies her planet's sovereign Marouk to the Enterprise-D during a mission to peacefully reincorporate the nomadic Gatherers back into Acamarian society. Unknown to anyone else, however, Yuta is on a mission of revenge against one of Acamar's clans, the survivors of which now live as Gatherers. Her clan of Tralesta was supposedly wiped out by the Lornak clan, but the few remaining survivors had Yuta genetically altered in order to use her as their instrument of vengeance. Her aging process was reduced and her body was reconfigured to produce a microvirus that would target only members of the Lornak clan.

As the Enterprise conducted its mission to bring the leaders of Acamar III and the Gatherers together, Yuta used her position as the sovereign's servant to get close to Lornak survivors and kill them through mere touch. When Sovereign Marouk met with Gatherer leader Chorgan, Commander Riker interrupted the meeting after he, Data and Dr. Crusher discovered that Yuta was responsible for two previous murders. Riker revealed to Marouk and Captain Picard that Yuta was an assassin and attempted to talk her out of killing Chorgan, but Yuta refused to back down. Riker shot Yuta twice with his phaser set to stun, but Yuta would not yield. Riker was forced to set his phaser to kill and he vaporised Yuta in order to stop her.

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