Axel Cluney, better known as Zeitgeist, is a minor character from Deadpool 2. Based on the character from Marvel's X-Force comic series, he is a mutant that has the ability to produce and spit highly corrosive acid. He was one of several mutants hired by Deadpool to help him rescue the young mutant Russell Collins. He was portrayed by Bill Skarsgård.


When X-Force began their mission to rescue Russell, they attempted to board the prison convoy carrying Russell by parachuting from a plane. However, Deadpool failed to take strong winds into account, so when the team jumped, they were all blown off-course and ended up dying in hilariously gruesome fashion. Zeitgeist ended up landing in a wood chipper and being ground into mince. Peter had landed safely nearby and attempted to save Zeitgeist, but the dying mutant reflexively spat acid on him, killing him too.

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